22 January 2010


I have been drawn to wings and the concept of wings since the middle of December and have been remarkably “gifted” with messages of affirmation and encouragement that I need to begin to acknowledge and accept mine in this year of 2010. I came to a startling realization shortly after the delivery of my first “winged message” that I have never actually used my own wings, the ones that I have always had but have never allowed to be seen let alone used to fly!

My entire life has been spent encouraging those blessed winged souls in my life to fly freely on their journey – pushing them to open up and cheering them on when fear got in their way – always, always seeing the potential in others, always seeing the possibilities that lay just beyond the cliff and on the other side of their leap of faith into flight. My dreams of flight however were stored away and believed to be wishes of fancy and without substance or potential – especially not of my Truth. And because they were for me, they were not of value, they couldn’t be … I was not to have dreams of my own or believe in myself, by myself, I was not capable of being such a creature of flight, it was not to be mine and my wings were not to be seen or heard of and especially not used in a flight of my own!

Imagine my surprise when my daughter (who is the wisest person I have ever met) said in no uncertain terms that it was my turn to dream, my turn to fly! Oh the fear that immediately took hold of my heart – “how dare you” echoed through my being, challenging me to just try because then I would see … see why I shouldn’t … because I couldn’t, because I would fail. And like all “good girls” failure was not an option so therefore trying was exercised. Well, I’m doing my best to quiet the negatives that continue to swirl in my head and heart and have slowly been opening my wings, opening myself to possibility – one slow day at a time, sometimes one slow moment at a time!
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