02 February 2010


I had a very busy weekend – two different photo shoots, one official (newborn) and one just ‘cause (hockey) and I’m still in the thick of editing each photo. I tend to take a lot of photos in a sitting, I mean a LOT! I took over 1000 photos of my nephew and teammates on the ice Saturday night and another 800+ of the sweetest little boy – just 12 days old. So just under 2000 photos later … I have the pictures of the babe on my website and ready for viewing in color and black & white and am in the middle of performing the first “clean” of the hockey photos.

Especially with hockey, there are so many pictures that come out blurry or focused on the spec on the glass rather than the player on the ice behind it so my first edit is just weeding out the obvious ones, then on to the real work. I love capturing the thrill of the game in a photo – it just makes my day to open a new picture and see an amazing shot before my eyes, doesn’t happen all the time but those shots, I’m proud to say, are becoming more and more common. Practice does make “better” – I stopped reaching for “perfect” a long time ago!

With the newborn shoot, my first ever, I see the flaws in my execution and details that I just didn’t think about in the midst of it all. I also realize the importance of being able to control the lighting and will request sessions at my place rather than their home or will just start investing in some decent gear, including lighting. In spite of the difficulties and “issues” the shoot was good – I got some great shots and am overall very pleased with the results! I just hope that momma and papa are as satisfied with the final product as well.

Working behind the camera and on the editing process makes my heart sing and I wish more than anything that it could be my focus on a daily basis and by that I mean I wish I could make my living taking photos.

Ah, dreams ...
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