31 July 2010

Beauty today

I am feeling quiet and a bit on the fragile side today.

My body aches, the pain unrelenting and compounded by my exhaustion, my heart tender to the touch, my mind dulled by the realities of my physical self.

But I’m finding the beauty and good around me.

There’s fresh citrus in my favorite red bowl and the ticket stubs from the show I saw last night with Ana. My books stacked on the shelves, the pens and pencils next to my journals, my camera next to my lenses all patiently waiting for me and my home cool and comfortable, wrapping me in familiar embrace.

These are all pieces of the beauty around me, all tools for releasing the beauty within me, all the things that keep me centered and even alone, cared for.

My tender, sensitive heart is calmed, my sore, aching body is soothed, my muddled mind cleared and my soul finds peace.

And there is beauty today.

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