07 August 2010

More clarity

I believe that anyone who wants to take photography beyond that of a hobby must find her own voice through the lens. And that’s what I’m looking for, my own voice, my own vision, and the place where my passion for photography is amplified 100 times.

My desire to make incredible art through my camera’s eye is undeniable and my attempts are often close to that goal, but I still feel like I’m missing something, that there’s a special level for me to reach, I’m just not sure how to find it.

But then I pause and hear the recorded messages play in my head, and I realize that maybe I’m not missing anything at all, there’s nothing else to find, I have it, I know it but I’m just still stuck in the belief that it’s never enough, that I’m still not good enough and I never will be. Wow, those messages are strong!

I am a photographer and I’m a pretty good one at that, but I realize that I still haven’t accepted that fact in its entirety. I want to continue to improve my abilities and find new sources of inspiration but I am already a gifted artist and my camera is my paintbrush, my life my canvas and that’s amazing.

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