17 January 2011

New growth

It is the middle of January,
my birth month,
the first month of a new year,
the heart of winter,

I love this month especially since it is in the middle of my favorite season.
Winter for many is dark and cold and barren but for me, I find it a comforting time.
A time of inner, unseen growth.
A time when the grayness of days masks the life beneath the surface.

I feel as if I am in a period of inner, unseen growth.
My exterior feels a bit dull and lifeless but inside there is much going on.
Inside, my heart is expanding and preparing for all that is to come.

As I enter this next phase of my life, I am holding tight to the knowledge that I am still growing,
I am still full of life - just beneath the surface - still full of love and full of potential.
My heart will continue to grow in this winter season and new growth will be visible when the time is taken to really look for it.

I will be looking for it, will you?
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