03 August 2012


So, another photo of my new haircut – it’s amazing to me how something so relatively minor can have such a huge effect on my life beyond just the hair part.

Cutting off over 16” of very thick long hair has not only been a huge plus for me in the care and maintenance department but also in the self esteem area of my being. I feel more confident with my short hair, different, a bit more unique and as I’ve been told more times by more people than I ever would have imagined, quite sassy.

I know that I have always used my hair as a shield, a cover of sorts and I’ve truly loved my hair long but each time I’ve cut it short – and I’ve always gone really short – I’ve felt empowered by the act and my  new image. Looking back, I’ve also noticed a bit of a pattern in the long-to-short routine.

I realize that I have almost always been at a place where I’ve needed change of some sort. I’d cut it several times in my early years, always at times of internal struggle or crisis and in the past, 17 years, I cut it once because I was trying to fit into a perceived image that I wanted to portray (being more “lesbian-like” – HA!), once because my physical issues at the time could no longer support the maintenance required by long hair and now.

I have sensed a change of some sort approaching for quite some time and while I do not believe that it is all happening at once, this haircut seems to have opened me up to the possibilities that lie ahead. There are changes in relationships – all good changes – and in things as basic as where I’m living and where I work.

And while the haircut has not in any way caused any of these changes or even had any effect on them, it has changed me and this time I realize how significant it is and has always been in how I see myself and the world around me.

So, yay for super-short, super-fun, super-sassy hair and yay for me!

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