19 August 2013

So Good!

I was going to start talking about our home projects and show some before and after shots today but something incredible happened yesterday and I just have to share!

Last week I made the conscious decision to expand my work to include not just my photography - which I love - but also get back to my roots of creativity in design, specifically hand lettering and calligraphy. I went so far as to change the name of my business to add the "design" part and made those changes on every place possible. It felt right and for the first time in quite a while, I was truly excited again about my path.

Yesterday, the Universe decided to give me a giant "thumbs-up" - clean out of the blue and that is what I am sharing today!

In the photo above you will see a silly me throwing a kiss out to my recently self-penned tattoo which is half of my new mantra: "love your life ~ live your truth ~ be yourself". I had reached a point in my journey where I felt I needed a constant, in my face reminder of what I needed to focus on, no matter what was happening - or not happening - in my day-to-day and since I love ink and was way overdue for a new tattoo, it was my logical choice. Tattoo's are not for everyone and I totally get that, but I love them and I knew that this was how I wanted to express a bit of my heart.

Part of the impetus to get a new tat was because one of my main photography clients, Lucky 27 Barbershop, was adding a tattoo parlor to their business and I was going to have access to some amazing artists. So, I spoke my desire, they got me in the chair before the official opening and I am the very happy recipient of some amazing ink.

But here's the part that has me most excited ... yesterday I received a call from the owner of Lucky 27 asking if I'd be willing to pen a couple of designs for a tattoo client of theirs and I was off! Two hours and two designs later, I had a very happy client and a new venue for my work. I am now an official lettering designer for Lucky 27 Barbershop & Tattoo Parlor and I'm thrilled!

So, today is an update on all of this goodness and a quick get back to creating an additional page on my website for the design side of my business. It's a good day and I'm grateful and blessed and over-the-moon excited with it all.

Yay me!

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