27 January 2010

My Home

The sky seems angry, wanting to snow but not able to just yet. It’s cold and grey and all I want to do is hunker down and wrap myself in the warmth of my little home. A fire is lit in the fireplace and candles flicker around the room, warming from me from the outside in. I feel comforted by my surroundings and take pride in the fact that I have created this alcove of warmth for myself.

I’ve always loved making my house a home – every house and always home but until this time in my life there has always been another within my home and others that brought their own warmth to that dwelling shared. Special, deeply loved ones that I willingly opened my heart and life to - which I happily created a home for and with.

Now there’s only me, no one to share this home with. I only have myself to create for, only me to provide a haven for … only me. I miss the presence of others in my home but for tonight I will focus on the fire and the warmth and the enclave that is my home and be proud that I have created this place for myself.

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