26 January 2010

My Refuge

My refuge is my home and specifically my bedroom and bed … I love my bed for so many reasons but mainly for the way that it envelops me each night – wrapping me in warmth and allowing me to sink deep into its folds. Layer upon layer of down and the softness of flannel warm me from the outside while I descend into the gentle quiet that can only be found in this welcoming haven of peace and calm.

Waves of white sheers surround me, hanging from the ceiling, covering the windows diffusing the light of day or night. The entire room surrounds me with a tangible sense of tranquility that filters throughout my little home.

My photos cover the walls – family, friends, and the beauty that my eyes and camera capture. My photos are parts of me, a piece of my heart and soul are hidden in each shot, the tranquility that my home provides supports my creative self and the beauty that I surround myself with at home translates into pieces of my world – lovely, lovely pieces of my world.

Why then do I find myself in a creative void perhaps because my heart is in that dark place as well?

I know that this too shall pass but until that time, I will envelope myself in the peace that is my home … and my bed.

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