27 February 2010


Not everyone likes the color pink and I can accept that but for me, I like pink and lately have had a bit of an obsession with the color. My favorite color - flat out - is red followed by white and black in a tie for second place and they have reigned supreme for as long as I can remember, until this past year when pink has found its way not only onto the list but at the top - unimaginable!

In the search for my current, beloved apartment home, I started a visual journal to go along with my written one. I searched the web and magazines printing or cutting out the images that I was drawn to not editing or looking necessarily for anything in particular but tying to let the process lead me to the style that would reflect me and help me create my haven - my home.

My daughter was the one that pointed out how much pink there was in my journal and when I looked objectively all I saw was white and light with touches of pink on . every . page! I was genuinely surprised and couldn't help but question why this sudden pull to the color pink, why now, why so strongly, just why.

So I started looking for an answer and I found a "what color means" entry on a design site and immediately looked up pink; this is what it said:

Pink Opens the Heart
Gentle and soothing, pink is the color of love. It promotes tenderness and is a comfort in times of emotional transition. Use it in a room when you are trying to increase the receptivity and understanding.

Wow, my heart and soul all summed up in a three sentence description of a color - and it fit(s)! I know that I am still finding my way through an emotional transition that seems to never end and I desire love and tenderness in my life, wanting my home to be one of comfort for me and all who enter. The amazing part is that it took a color and my search for its meaning in my life to bring me to the place of acceptance of where I stand - not for always - but for now, acknowledging this is part of the process of learning to fly.

In order to fly - to become the woman I am meant to be - I need to trust my inner self - the part that knows what is best for me - the part that knows only the good in who I am - the part that believes in me, in spite of myself! The inner self that pulled me to the color pink knowing that I would eventually (with help) see the pattern and in turn seek out the answers as to why. The self that always believes in me and wants more than anything for the rest of me to believe as well. That is the self that I need to trust, the me that truly rocks, the one that wants to remind me of my wings and my ability to fly!

Very slowly, I am learning to honor my innate ability to use my visual and creative talents to reach and express my truth and maybe in the process I'll be open to attracting the love and tenderness that I so long for and that the color pink has encouraged me to receive.
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