02 March 2010


The sun is shining brightly today, bouncing off the surfaces of the Capital’s dome, the gold glinting and sparkling in the light – it’s beautiful out. And warm – 55 degrees and maybe even warmer in the sunshine. The first hints of spring, teasing and making one believe that it is perhaps just around the corner but the reality is that it’s only March and in Colorado, March usually means snow and lots of it!

Around here, March is a month full of contradictions and wishes for what’s just eluding our grasp. The month has buried us in snow and also blessed us with the beauty of flowers beginning to blossom and trees starting to leaf, generally in the reverse order … signs of spring first, mountains of snow second (ah, Colorado). But always the promise of new life – the assurance of longer days and warmer nights - of budding trees and blooming crocus’ - of wet snow followed by green grass - of new and fresh.

I find myself identifying with the spring of March (even though I am technically in the autumn of my life) needing the new and wanting the promise of a fresh beginning. I too am full of contradiction and wishes for what’s just beyond my reach; and so in this month, this glorious, unpredictable, lovely month I hope to find that seedling of hope, the one that will help me blossom into the life that still lies before me – confident and able to withstand any last-of-the-season snowfalls – strong, resilient and beautiful … me and March.

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