26 April 2010

Perfectly Imperfect

Perfectly Imperfect Rhodochrosite - Denver Museum of Nature & Science

"Perfection can be intellectually stimulating, but things that are slightly imperfect have soul"
~Alex Calderwood~

My head is full of things that are combining to cause a great deal of stress, even though there really is no need for me to be anxious about anything. But you see, I’ve mastered the art of worry and it’s a very difficult habit to break.

This coming Saturday, my son, Luke and his beloved, Ashleigh will wed on the Big Island of Hawaii! I am so excited that my heart literally skips a beat every time I think of it. But that is also the cause of my unnecessary concern I want everything to be perfect for them.

Thus the quote above, I am trying to remember that the slightly imperfect is okay, in fact it’s better than okay, it’s real and honest and full of the soul and what more could I ask for two of the most wonderful people on the planet and their special day?

Absolutely nothing because imperfect is just right and love - aloha - always wins … always!

Aloha nui loa …

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