07 July 2010

Stop with the fear already

Ana and me in Kona, Hawaii
photo taken by Bam

I realized today that in my post yesterday I did exactly what I need to stop! I once again went where it's familiar and to what I know ... to the fear. I know this fear, as evidenced by the post, so I really have no need to revisit it once again. But it's what I know, it's what is comfortable, it's what's keeping me stuck.

I need to stop looking for the reasons, and trying to find the origins of my fears because I know them all intimately and I know where they come from. My inability to let go of the fears is my biggest issue right now. Unless I can let them go - let the fear and pain go - I will not find the joy that I so desire or the life that I long for.

So, I am stating - again - that I will no longer dwell on the fear and the pain but I will open my heart and mind to the joys that surround me and the opportunities to create the life that I so desire. And hopefully that change will be evident in this space as well.

Wish me luck!
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