05 August 2010

Simple beauty

I believe there's beauty and magic in the real. In the simple things, every single day in our own personal worlds. At home, around the corner, in the streets we walk, in the routine. I like to think of my work as a journal, and a journey, a diary that documents the history of life, happening, changing, never ending; it's own essence, inevitably mixed with my own. Photography to me is a connection between reality and dreams. A way of seeing who and where we are, and have been; a way of telling real stories, of identifying the pieces, the trace we leave everywhere we go, our own essence.
~Romina Bacci, Miles of Light~

These words resonate so completely in my soul ... it's as if my own heart is speaking. I love that, I love when I connect with others and their words, it's a blessing unexpected, and an affirmation that I am on the right path and not necessarily alone on the journey.

Just another facet of the simple everyday beauty that surrounds me.
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