21 September 2010

23 Today!

My sweet Ana,

There are no words to express how much I love you Ana-girl – not in all the books written or songs sung – not in secrets whispered or proclamations declared – not in the buzz of a hummingbirds wings or the siren of a whales call. If every star in the sky and every spec of sand on the oceans floor had voice and spoke my love for you, it would still not be enough. How could I possibly express my love for you when you, my child, are love?

You are the breath in my lungs and the light in my eyes, from the moment your heart beat beneath mine, you have been my saving grace, my strength, my impetus to continue on. You are my reason for trying, my reason for being, you, my child, are my reason for being here, now, in this lifetime – you, my Ana-girl.

You are the wisest, oldest soul I know and not a day goes by that I don’t thank the heavens for allowing me to bring you into this lifetime and granting me the honor of watching you grow and become the fullness of your truth.

You are love, pure, unadulterated, shining love and all the lives you touch feel the wonder of your spirit. It is impossible for another to walk away from you without having been touched by the joy of your soul.

You are more than memorable; you are a gift to each and every soul that comes into contact with yours. I believe that others seek you out without even realizing it and that one day your soul-mate for this lifetime will find you – but not until the time is right, not until you are both ready for each other – believe that!

You carry the strength of pure femininity, always in control, always connected to your truth. You are drop-dead gorgeous, and because of those looks, others make assumptions, thinking they know what kind of woman you are – but they are often wrong, basing those thoughts only upon your beauty and not having a clue to all that lies beneath your beautiful surface!

You live your life honestly, without excuse – you “suffer no fools” – requiring the same honesty from those you pull into your circle of friends and family as you do from yourself. Those in that circle, your inner sanctum, are gifted with loyalty, genuineness, unconditional love and abundant amounts of joy. Only those you allow into that sacred space ever truly know the full wonder of who you are.

You are stubborn, willful, and strong beyond measure and you use those characteristics to your advantage, proving that you are so much more than just a beautiful woman – you’re hardcore and can kick some royal ass when necessary and that is part of your beauty and many times a surprise to others.

You have a wonderful, real laugh and a wicked sense of humor with a cutting edge of sarcasm that can bring others to tears in laughter. You are the epitome of fun, always ready to play, always looking for ways to bring amusement and joy into the lives around you and living every moment to the fullest.

Be at peace today, my girl, on this 23rd birthday, knowing that the Universe only wants the best for you and Her timing is always perfect. You are precisely where you are supposed to be at this moment in this time and all things will work out exactly as they are intended to.

You are my joy, my grace, my sage, my centering stone, my light … you are my Ana-girl and I love you now and always!


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