20 September 2010


Trust in yourself and let your dreams go free, only then will they learn to fly.

~Harmony Lenasbunt~

I’ve been thinking about dreams lately, not sleeping dreams but life dreams. Ana and I have been talking about her dreams for her future and seeing the magnificent potential in each and every one. Encouraging her to trust herself and the Universe, to believe in her own power and ability to accomplish whatever she puts her mind to. I love sharing this part of her, knowing that all her dreams can come to fruition as she wants them too. It’s a blessing to witness the growth of her very wise soul into this lifetime. She is a joy to behold!

During our most recent discussion on this topic Ana asked me what my dreams were and after a momentary pause I had to reply that I didn’t have any – quite the wake-up call.

Upon further reflection I realized that I stopped dreaming a few years back when all of my dreams at that time were shattered into a million pieces none of which I could put back together again. I had to admit that I had stopped dreaming as a method to keep my heart safe, to protect myself from the pain of potentially losing them again. And while I know that this type of thinking does nothing but hurt my heart in the long run, it is where I have been for awhile now.

Even with my wish to spread my wings and fly into the woman that I can be – that I truly am – I have not allowed myself to put “destinations for landing” into words let alone into a dream of what may be. Oh, I have ideas and have even voiced a few of them, but actually allowing myself to believe in them, to dream for them is an entirely different matter. It’s very scary for me – it’s that fear thing again but in an area that I had not realized until now.

My wisest of daughters suggested that I start with something fairly small, something that really wouldn’t involve much of my heart and work back into dreaming from there. She suggested my desire to live in a truly urban loft one day. So that’s where I’m beginning the process of choosing to trust in my future again, and more importantly, trust in my ability to create that future as I dream it can be.

Wish me love and trust … and dreams.

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