28 October 2010

Just out of sight

~ono kitty~

I feel as if I have been placed inside a huge black cavern – where light rarely pierces the darkness and neither the beginning nor end can be clearly seen. But I’m holding onto hope that this too shall pass …

An idea for a project that I tenuously believe is within my ability to create – but is still too fragile and without substance to share – has gently settled on my heart. I fear that looking too deeply or attempting to grasp it as mine will cause it to flutter away like a newly born butterfly from its cocoon. So I steal glances from the corner of my hearts eye, trying to visualize the beauty that it may contain and the message it is to impart, hoping that it will stay long enough for me to gain the strength necessary to move it into the light of reality.

The path out of this cavern must be found before I can allow this butterfly of an idea loose. Then perhaps I will be able to truly see the potential that lies before me – possibly, then I will finally know the essence of the change that is still lurking just beyond my sight.

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